Historic MAT Gathering

Historic Mobile Advanced Trainer Gathering

LTI held an historic gathering for our USA based Mobile Advanced Trainers on July 30,31, 2020. Several LTI Board Members and 16 MAT Trainers from six different states attended the event.

Opening Comments, Domestic Ministry
Pastor Gerard Ruff, LTI Board
Opening Comments, Int’l Ministry
Mickey Salvant, LTI Board

Training Our Advanced Trainers

We provided two full days of advanced training for the team. LTI President Kevin Hinman, International Directors Terry & Lianne Nutter, and US Program Director Lance Stoddart provided the group with LTI’s latest techniques, practices, and policies.

Lance Stoddart was commissioned as the Manager over all the MAT Trainers. Lance will send out the MAT Trainers in pairs to conduct the startup of new LTI sites anywhere in the USA.

Sharing the Vision with the Team
LTI President Kevin Hinman
Connecting One to One
Int’l Director Terry Nutter

Interactive Techniques & Group Activities

The workshop included practicing some interactive techniques and small group activities. LTI always emphasizes learning by doing and interaction.

Interactive Training Techniques
Hands On Group Activity

Training Process & Transferable Material

The MAT Trainers are experts in LTI’s training process and highly experienced with our easily transferable training material.

Reviewing the Training Process
Engaging the Training Material

Ready to be Mobilized into Action!

This event brought together our most experienced trainers from many different states and those with much international experience. LTI is ready to expand across the USA and around the world, training ministry leaders who will complete the Great Commission!

Asian Directors Lizette & Ariel Arches
Int’l Directors Terry & Lianne Nutter


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