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LTI –Training Leaders in Africa

Leadership Training International is impacting East Africa through a massive leadership training effort. LTI is partnering with the largest network of Evangelical Churches in Uganda to train 23,000 pastors and leaders over the next several years. Also, LTI is partnering with St. John’s University in Tanzania to establish a nationwide leadership center. The center will have five separate tracks for: College Credit, College Certificate, Pastoral

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LTI – Training Leaders in Asia

Leadership Training International is partnering with key Christian organizations to train ministry leaders throughout Asia. LTI is partnering with the I-Shepherd Institute to train many pastors in Manila, Philippines. After one just one year, they are already planning to expand northward and southward across the nation. Also LTI partnering with Go To Nations Missionary Agency to provide leadership training for over 700 missionaries. These missionaries

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LTI – Training Leaders in Latin America

Leadership Training International has established 85 training sites in many Latin American countries. LTI’s Latin American Field Directors, Carlos & Raquel Hernandez, have trained a team of Advanced Trainers who travel across Latin America to start new training sites. Latin American students graduating from the LTI program are making a difference across Latin America!

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LTI – Training Leaders in USA

Leadership Training International has helped established over 40 church-based, non-profit leadership institutes in the USA. LTI has developed a specialized training method called the LTI System, which consist of three components: Curriculum, Certification, and Client Support. The program is impacting thousands of Christian leaders and continues to expand across the nation.

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