The Leader’s Foundation

The Leader’s Foundation focuses on forming a godly self-image and proper foundation for leadership. It presents seven foundation stones for an emerging leader: 1) Knowing God, 2) Working With God, 3) Modeling a Godly Life, 4) Serving, 5) Ruling, 6) Reproducing, and 7) Expanding the Kingdom.

Main Objective

The object of this module is to help ministry leaders/emerging ministry leaders learn how to set in place the foundation stones of a life with God so that they will have a strong spiritual foundation and be able to reproduce others who do the same.

Module Overview

This module is an inward growth module geared towards helping Christian leaders ensure that their spiritual foundation stones are based upon Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone, and that they are set firmly in place. It is crucial for someone called to be a leader in the Body of Christ to have a deep understanding of the “foundational basics” of the Christian faith.
Main Diagram

Session Descriptions

Session Description
Session 1:
Knowing God
We will show how “knowing God” through each distinct member of the Trinity is key to
our relationship with God.
• five characteristics revealed by the Trinity.
• four aspects of knowing God the Father.
• three aspects of knowing God the Son.
• three aspects of knowing God the Holy Spirit.
• a leader knowing the Triune God.
Session 2:
Walking With God
We will learn how “walking with God” includes each distinct member of the Trinity:
• accepting God as “Abba” Father.
• embracing our personal identity in Christ.
• living continuously with the Holy Spirit.
• a leader walking with God.
Session 3:
Modeling a Godly Life
We will learn how “modeling a Godly life” is essential to Christian life:
• your walk reflects your intimacy with God.
• your walk will be visible to others.
• you are called to model your walk.
• a leader must model a Godly life.
Session 4:
Serving in the Kingdom
We will show how biblical leadership means being a servant:
• the biblical view of being a servant.
• three practical ways to serve in the Kingdom.
• two major challenges to serving in the Kingdom.
• understanding servant leadership.
Session 5:
Ruling in the Kingdom
We will examine the two opposing spiritual kingdoms:
• spiritual kingdoms at war.
• ruling by knowing the enemy.
• ruling by defeating the enemy.
• a leader ruling in the Kingdom.
Session 6:
Reproducing the Kingdom
We will study the concept of spiritual fathering:
• reproducing the Kingdom through spiritual fathering.
• five traits for reproducing as a spiritual father.
• eight obstacles to reproducing as a spiritual father.
• leaders are called to be spiritual fathers.
Session 7:
Expanding the Kingdom
We will discover God’s heart to reach all ethnic peoples of the earth:
• four aspects of God’s global heart.
• therefore, go… (the assignment).
• make disciples… (the task).
• of all nations… (the target).
• a leader expanding the Kingdom.

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