Why Is Leadership Training Important?


The greatest challenge to fulfilling the Great Commission is the lack of trained Christian leaders. This need motivates LTI to offer biblically-based leadership training for the leaders of today and tomorrow. There are three reasons why leadership training is vitally important to fulfilling the Great Commission:

1) The Influence a Leader Has on Their Followers.

The leader of any team, department, or organization has great impact on the results and effectiveness of the people they lead. The leader sets the example that everyone follows. As the leader goes, so the followers go. The leader needs to be properly trained in order to model good leadership. If the leader is not effective, then the followers and their results will most likely be hindered.

2) The Message of Respected Experts.

George Barna, America’s foremost expert on Church Growth and Christianity says leadership development is the key need in churches today. Likewise, Patrick Johnstone, Editor of Operation World, the key researcher for Global Christian activity, says the greatest need in the body of Christ worldwide is leadership development

The Church in America

“I believe that in America today, fewer and fewer people will embrace the spiritual dynamics of the church unless the church can raise up strong servant leaders.”

George Barna

(adapted from)
Leaders on Leadership


The Overseas Leadership Challenge

“Leadership training is the critical bottleneck …
leadership is limited at every level.”

Patrick Johnstone

Operation World

Open Bible

3) The Message of the Bible.

Leadership training is at the core of the Biblical method for expanding the Kingdom. Both the Old and New Testaments focus on training and multiplying leaders who will change the world. In the Old Testament, Jethro challenged Moses to create a leadership structure and leadership development system. In the New Testament, we see that Jesus spent three years training His disciples closely, then sent them out to change the world!


"We are so thankful for the LTI training that has helped us more effectively train and lead our church."
Pastor Miguel & Vivian Rodriguez
El Salvador

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