The LTI Curriculum:

The LTI curriculum is a complete 12-module leadership series that is designed to train and multiply leaders around the world. It helps develop both high character and highly capable leaders.

Note to College Administrators

There are 12 training modules in the LTI curriculum. When used as college courses, each college course combines two of the LTI modules (thus, there are six college courses). The amount of college credit assigned is determined by the college.

Most colleges choose to assign 2 or 3 undergraduate credits per course (each with 2 LTI modules).Some colleges prefer to treat the whole LTI program as a complete series and award 12 credits for the whole series (as a concentration in Leadership Studies).

There Are Six College Courses

1) The Leader’s Foundation and Freedom

The Leader’s Freedom
The Leader’s Foundation

2. Leading by Example and Mentoring

The Leader’s Example
Leading with Mentoring

3. The Leader’s Calling and Potential

The Leader’s Calling
The Leader’s Potential

4. Leading with Outreach & Communicating

Leading With Outreach
Leading By Communicating

5. Leading Projects and Teams

Leading Team Projects
Leading with Teams

6. Leading a Balanced Life and Skillfully

The Leader’s Balanced Life
Leading Skillfully

Authorized Training Site Costs: College Sites

There are Three Fees:

1) Start-Up Fee 2) Annual Membership Fee 3) Book Fees
1) Start-Up Fee* 2) Annual Membership Fee
$400 for 1st Instructor $720 (or $60 EFT/mo.)
$200 for each additional

The One Time Start-Up Fee Includes

  • Instructors get certified to teach
  • One Administrator Trained (not certified)
  • All printed materials for Start-Up Seminar
  • One LTI Trainers’ time for Start-Up Seminar

3) Book Fees

  • Student Learner Guides are $29.95 each (All students/team leaders must utilize an LG)
  • Instructor Guides are $57.95 each (Each Instructor must utilize and IG)
  • If full set of Instructor Guides are purchased during Start-Up, they cost only $500 per set ($700 after)


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