The LTI Curriculum

To purchase the LTI Curriculum, become an LTI Authorized Training Site. LTI only sells curriculum to Site Directors and Certified Trainers who are connected to a site.

The first and core component of The LTI System™ is the LTI Curriculum. The LTI Curriculum is a complete 12 module training series that is designed to train and multiply leaders around the world. The LTI Curriculum was developed by a team of 20 world-class professionals who hold 35 graduate degrees and have over 500 years of combined leadership experience. (Learn More About the Curriculum Features & Design)

The 12 modules take a leader through an inward to outward personal and ministry growth process.
Six Inward Modules: focus on the inward personal growth of a ministry leader, to help build a foundation that will last a lifetime.
Six Outward Modules: focus on the outward ministry growth of a leader to produce results and effectively lead others.


The Leader’s Balanced Life Leading With Outreach Leading by Communicating Leading With Mentoring Leading Team Projects Leading With Teams The Leader’s Foundation The Leader’s Freedom The Leader’s Example The Leader’s Calling The Leader’s Potential Leading Skillfully