1) What is the Best Way to Get Oriented?

Contact our lead USA consultant – Lance Stoddart, 717.398.9092, lstoddart@ltiworld.org

Watch the following video to learn in detail.



2 ) What is a Church Authorized Training Site?

A Church Authorized Training Site is any church that trains leaders by using the LTI System™

An Authorized Training Site may be a church, school, non-profit organization, college, or a Christian business.

  • An Authorized Training Site uses the LTI Curriculum to teach leaders in a group setting.
  • The program is not currently designed for individual self-study.
  • A group of six instructors get certified to teach the LTI Curriculum by completing LTI’s Certification seminar.
  • An Authorized Training Site follows the LTI guidelines, scheduling options, and 5 training measurements.
  • To date LTI has helped establish 178 Authorized Training Sites in over 40 countries, training many thousands of leaders in the USA and overseas.



3) What is the LTI System?

  • The LTI System ™ is the name of LTI’s training method. It is an integrated three part method that produces highly effective training results.
  • The LTI System ™ provides your own church-based or non-profit leadership institute or serves as a part of a college-based degree program.


The LTI System ™ includes three components:

1) Curriculum – The 12 module LTI training curriculum.


2) Certification –

Certification for Instructors (Certified Trainer Seminar).


3) Client Support –

Orientation Workshop, plus ongoing Client Support.


4) What Results Can Be Expected From the LTI Program?

  • People learn essential leadership skills and character development. They become able to lead and be more effective at leading.
  • People learn leadership from a Christ-centered perspective. They are challenged to grow closer to God.
  • People develop a leadership culture and environment. Your leadership team will have common leadership, language, and perspective.
  • People become better at their job. Many people get promotions and pay raises wherever they are employed.



5) What are the Suggested Schedule Options for a Church Training Site?

  • Two Year Plan (chosen by 90% of clients)



  • Three Year Plan (Complete 12 Modules in 3 Years)

  • Customized Plan (Various LTI Approved Plans)



6) Must I Use All 12 LTI Modules to become a Church Authorized Training Site?

  • No. You may be a Church Authorized Training Site as long as you utilize at least 8 of the 12 modules.
  • Your schedule will be altered to accommodate completing the 8-10 modules you choose within a two-three year schedule.



7) Summary of Church Authorized Site Training Requirements

Modules: Commit to teach at least 8 of 12 LTI Modules.
Schedule: Follow an approved two or three year training schedule.
Start-up: All Instructors & Small Group Leaders attend Start-Up Seminar (at your site)
Events: Conduct each training event, then hold a follow-up small group meeting.
Measurements: Each student completes the five training measurements.
Payment: 1) Start-Up Fee   2) Membership Fee   3) Book Fees



8) Authorized Training Site Costs: churches

There are Three Fees:

1) Start-Up Fee 2) Annual Membership Fee 3) Book Fees
Church Attendance 1) Start-Up Fee* 2) Annual Membership Fee
100 or less $1,500 (plus trainer T+L) $600 (or $50 EFT/mo.)
101 – 199 $2,300 (plus trainer T+L) $900 (or $75 EFT/mo.)
200 plus $3,000 (plus trainer T+L) $1,200 (or $100 EFT/mo.)

* The One-Time Start-Up Fee Includes:

(Start-Up Fee may be paid in two payments)

  • A Full Set of Instructor Guides are Provided
  • Six Instructors Certified get certified to teach
  • Two Administrators Trained (not certified)
  • Ten Small Group Team Leaders Trained
  • All printed materials for Start-Up weekend
  • One LTI Trainer’s time for Start-Up weekend

3) Book Fees



9) What is the Cost for Books?

Instructor Guide

Learner Guide

Book Prices

  • Student Learner Guides are $25.95 each (All students/team leaders must utilize an LG)
  • Instructor Guides are $57.95 each (Each Instructor must utilize an IG)
  • Full Sets of Instructor Guides may be purchased at Start-Up Event for $500 ($600 after)

Instructor Guides – $57.95 each ($599.95 per set) Each Instructor must utilize an IG.

Learner Guides – $25.95 each ($269.95 per set) All students/Team Leaders utilize an LG.



10) Getting started

  • Identify your potential Instructors & Small Group Team leaders
  • Choose a Start-Up Seminar Weekend Date (at your site)
  • Sign and Return an Authorized Site Agreement
  • Submit Start-up Fee with Agreement
  • Conduct Start-Up Seminar Weekend (at your site)
  • Recruit people to enroll in program
  • Begin Training your Leaders!