Marketplace Division of LTI: Momentum Makers

The LTI curriculum was created to train ministry leaders worldwide. Producing the curriculum was a $1 million dollar project that included a team of 20 professionals and took over seven years. It has now been used in over 40 nations to establish 180 training sites, impacting many thousands of leaders.

TowneBank, a $10 billion bank headquartered in Suffolk, VA saw the results of the product and its’ potential for use in the marketplace. They offered to work along side our writing staff and also fund the research and development to produce a marketplace product.

The core (70%) of the new product (called The Professional Skills Series) is based on the LTI curriculum, with 30% coming from additional research specific to the marketplace. The team included LTI’s staff, plus the bank’s Vice President of Human Resources, and the Director of Training and their staff.

TowneBank has utilized the courses within their in-house department known as Towne University and LTI has taught the program at several businesses and schools. The Professional Skills Series is now available for businesses, schools, and law enforcement agencies.

“We are excited to partner with Momentum Makers, as their training programs and materials are excellent. With a staff of more than 1,200, it was important to us to provide a professional program that teaches essential concepts and skills for leading successfully in today’s business world. To date, Momentum Makers has developed those courses for us, and we have received very positive feedback from our employees.”

Rose Holloman

Director of Training, TowneBank

Corporate Headquarters