Leadership Training is Key to Completing the Great Commission

Operation World, by Patrick Johnstone (revised edition by Jason Mandryk) is considered the most respected evangelical publication in the world for reporting the status of Christian activity and growth for every nation on earth.

Patrick Johnstone says that the single biggest need and the single most effective way to help complete the Great Commission is to train national leaders for ministry and outreach!

Sponsoring an International Training Site

LTI partners with Churches, organizations, and individuals to sponsor an International Training Site for pastors and/or leaders. The program provides training and resources those leaders could never otherwise receive.

Your sponsorship will cover the cost of sending an LTI Trainer to conduct the Start-Up Event for the International Training Site and cover the annual licensing fee to run the program.

Sponsorship Cost:

  • One-time Start-Up Fee = $500*
  • Airfare, in-country travel, lodging & meals for two LTI trainers to conduct the Start-Up Event.
  • Annual Membership Fee = $500
    • If the Start-Up Event is held between January 1-June 30, the Annual Membership Fee will be paid prior to the Start-Up Event.
    • If the Start-Up Event is held between July 1-December 31, the Annual Membership Fee will be waived until January 1 of the next year.

*One-Time Start-Up Fee Includes:

  • Certification + Orientation Manuals + Folders
  • Six Instructors Certified
  • 10 Small Group Team Leaders Trained
  • Two Administrators Trained
  • Time for LTI Staff Trainers

The LTI Curriculum: International Site License Version

The International Site License version format is a little different from the USA Version. We have combined the Instructor’s Guide and Learner’s Guide into one book for each module. This greatly reduces the printing and translation costs for more affordable distribution.

Languages Available:

English, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, & Creole

Strategic Partnership: Many IPHC Sponsored Sites

“We’ve seen great results in the USA and many countries. We sponsor sites in Hondoras, Guatamala, Trinidad & Ukraine.”

Dayton Birt, Bishop

Int’l Pentacostal Holiness Church

Honduras Graduation

Ukraine Instructors

Class in Guatemala

Summary of International Training Site Requirement

  • Sponsor: Obtain a Sponsor for the Site
  • Agreement: Sign an Agreement and Pay the Annual Fee(s)
  • Modules: Commit to teach all 12 LT! Modules
  • Schedule: Follow an approved 2 or 3 year schedule.
  • Start-Up: All Instructors & Small Group Team Leaders attend Start-Up Event.
  • Training: Conduct each training event, then hold a follow up small group meeting.
  • Measurements: Each student completes the five training measurements.
  • Graduation: Those who complete all modules + measurements receive a Graduation Certificate.


Call 717-398-9092 to speak to a Training Consultant

iShepherd graduation

Manilla, Philippines

“Our Church in the USA sponsors the training for pastors and leaders in the Philippines. The training has taught skills no other program provided.”

Lizette Arches, Pastor Covenant Church

iShepherd Institute. CEO

Training pastors in Haiti

“We love the LTI program and the results it produces. We sponsor multiple sites in Haiti and Nicaragua and we sponsored the translation of the program into Creole for Haiti”

Tom Cook, Impact One

Impact One

3rd Graduating class in Nicaragua

Now Averaging over 50 Graduates per year

Graduation in Ghana

“We have planted churches in poor rural areas. We have Training Sites in Dominican Republic and Ghana. These leaders lives have been changed through LTI!”

Robert Winn, Bishop

Church of Christ Holiness

“We would never be able to get training like this without the LTI program. Thank You!”

Pastor Figueroa

Dominican Republic