Instructor’s and Learner Guides: Features

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Each module in the LTI Curriculum provides an Instructor’s Guide for the
trainer and a Learner’s Guide for each trainee. This maximizes the training
giving each person a tool specifically designed for their personal growth

Instructor’s Guide for Trainers
Each module includes an Instructor’s Guide designed with many tools to help ministry leaders become better overall leaders, while also increasing their ability to train others.

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Features Include:

• Learning Goals and Outlines

• Easy-to-Follow Lesson Format

• Leader’s Notes and Helps

• Exam Questions for Schools

• Teaching & Presentation Tips

• PowerPoint slides & Overheads

Learner’s Guide for Trainees
Each module includes a Learner’s Guide designed to impact trainees for increased growth and prepare them to become leaders.

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Features Include:

• Points to Ponder

• Reflective Questions

• Suggested Readings

• Interactive Group Applications

• Personal Action Plan

• Easy-to-Follow Lesson Format

Instructor’s and Learner’s Guides: Unique Design

The LTI Curriculum contains many strategic design features that make this resource a unique tool to multiply
leaders and produce increased ministry results.


Instructor’s Guide

Learner’s Guide


Design Based on the Profile of a Strong Leader
The design is based on the profile of an effective ministry leader. Each of the 12 modules represents one of
these attributes. The focus is on leadership, not basic discipleship or Bible teaching.


Develops the Whole Person (Inward/Outward)
The Curriculum consists of an equal balance of inward growth and outward skill-related topics.


Designed to Multiply More Leaders
The Curriculum uses the highly effective training method called the “train-the-trainer” approach, which
emphasizes that a leader who is trained can in turn train other leaders.


Created to be a Tool for Trainers
The Instructor’s Guide is a tool that maximizes the trainer’s individual strengths and experience. There is
much freedom to work from the material while using your own style and preferences.


Integrated Package of Connected Topics
Each of the 12 modules are written by a different contributing author. Each topic stands alone and can be
taught in any order. Yet the series is highly integrated and designed to develop a complete leader and inter-
connected with frequent cross-references.


Packaged in a Highly Transferable Format
The highly transferable format makes the Curriculum easy to follow and teach. It is written in detailed
outline format, using short sentences with clearly marked themes. Each point has a bolded caption for easy


Fits Many Diverse Training Environments
Every module is organized into seven sessions. Each session has a time flexibility of 1-3 hours. The
instructor uses any mix of the lecture, appendices, group exercises and discussion questions to fit many
diverse environments:

• Church-based Institutes
• Christian Colleges
• Leadership Conferences
• Training Seminars
• Nonprofit Organizations
• Ministry Schools and Institutes


Presents a Great Commission Focus
The Curriculum presents a Global Christian perspective throughout the entire series. The theme of sharing
Christ around the block and around the world is emphasized throughout.


Builds Unity by Remaining Neutral About Doctrine
The focus is leadership training from a biblical view, but is neutral about doctrine that divides Christians. It is an instrument for building Christian unity.


Standardized Layout
Each module has the exact same layout, structure, features and style. If you learn how to teach or use one
module, you can use or teach any in the series.