3) Client Support – Start-Up Orientation & Ongoing Support

The third component of the LTI Systemâ„¢ is LTI’s Client Support to help produce successful training results. The Client Support component offers both start-up and ongoing support for each Authorized Training Site.


Start-Up Orientation

LTI conducts a three hour Orientation Seminar as part of the Start-Up Event. This provides orientation for how to run a successful program and includes review of the students’ five measurements, along with various administrative resources and best practices. It also provides Small Group Team Leader Training, which is key for success.


1. Managing the Authorized Training Site.

LTI provides detailed guidelines for administrating and managing an Authorized Training Site. We provide keys for successfully recruiting Students and define the roles and responsibilities of the following positions needed to operate the program.

  • One Institute Director
  • Six Instructors (including the Sr. Pastor)
  • Small Group Team Leaders
  • Participants


2. Small Groups


  • During the training event day, the students will meet in small groups of 5 people following selected teaching sessions, to discuss application of the topic.
  • The small group will meet again later to give their oral presentation and turn in all assignments.
  • Each small group has a Team Leader who is a fellow student.
  • Each small group team leader is selected ahead of time and attends the Implementation Workshop to learn their duties as Small Group Team Leader.


3. Training Measurements

Each module includes five training measurements to successfully complete the module.

  • Attend/Participate: Attend and participate in all sessions of the module and small group meetings.
  • Reading Log: Sign a reading log after reading the module workbook.
  • Oral Presentation: Complete an oral presentation in the small group (how topic applies to your life).
  • Paper: Complete a two-page response paper (how topic applies to your life).
  • Exam: Complete an open book take home exam.


4. Scheduling Options.


  • Two Year Plan.



  • Three Year Plan


Complete Program in either two or three years.

  • You may have an Authorized Training Site as long as you utilize at least 8 of the 12 LTI Modules.
  • Your schedule will be altered to accommodate completing the 8-10 modules you choose within a two-three year schedule.
  • Students may still purchase the books dropped from the schedule.


Ongoing Support

  • LTI Client Representatives are available to provide unlimited phone support.
  • LTI periodically assesses each Authorized Training Site to review guidelines and ensure quality results.