Discovering your role in God’s Great Commission

Adapted from Leading with Outreach

As we continue with our daily routines, we may worry that we are not fulfilling the Great Commission. Sometimes, we may feel that our faith gets buried beneath our worldly responsibilities. Yet, we know that as we toil, more unsaved souls become lost in darkness.

Evangelists vs Witnesses

To understand our role in the Great Commission, we must distinguish between evangelists and witnesses. Evangelists possess a gift of leading people to receive Christ. They inspire the body of Christ to act, and they train others in evangelistic outreach. Evangelists must respond to the opportunities that the Holy Spirit places before them in secular environments and in the church.

One in fifteen Christians are called to be evangelists, but all Christians are called to be witnesses. Witnesses testify about the work of Christ in their lives, acknowledge the Gospel in a secular society, and live lives that reflect Christ. Witnesses should feel compelled by God’s love for a lost world, and they should remember that the Holy Spirit will empower them to testify.

God did not intend for us to fit our faith into our work schedule, but rather, he intended for our faith to shine through our work. Our words, our lifestyle, and the power of the Holy Spirit form our three-dimensional Gospel, which we carry with us everywhere we go.

This week, ask the Lord to reveal the role that He wants you to play in His Great Commission. How can your words and actions display your faith? Has he presented any opportunities to testify or lead others to Christ?

Be encouraged—whether evangelist or witness, the Holy Spirit will guide your steps.

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