Finding confidence in your calling

Adapted from The Leader’s Calling

As Christian leaders, we must have confidence in our calling, but often, we find ourselves slipping into doubt. Sometimes we doubt the situations, wondering if people will be willing to support and follow us. God has given us a vision, but what if that vision seems too extreme to become a reality?

We must trust that God will equip us to accomplish what He has set out for us to accomplish. It is from this trust that we derive our confidence. As humans, it is not our natural tendency to trust the Lord. When we think of our callings, we think, “How can I fulfill this calling?” when really, we should think “How will God fulfill this calling through me?”

We must counteract the instinct to trust in our own strength and wisdom. This starts with a simple prayer, a quiet conversation between us and our Savior. We must ask God to place peace on the path that we must take, and we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us rely on the Lord’s strength. When the Holy Spirit enables us to trust the Lord’s strength, He opens the door for us to obtain confidence in our callings.

This week, take some time to speak with your heavenly father about the calling He has placed on your life. Ask him to turn your eyes from yourself and back to him.

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