Partnership in the Dominican Republic

2009-2015 – Laying a Foundation


LTI was first invited to the Dominican Republic back in 2009 to introduce the LTI program to pastors and leaders at the Assembly of God national convention. As a result of that three day experience, six churches decided to implement the program within their congregation. These churches ran the program and each church graduated 20-25 people two years later.

Graduation photo

2011 Dominican Republic Graduation

DR Graduation 2011

2011 Dominican Republic Graduation


The training was so successful, the AoG asked LTI to help them expand the training to more churches. So, in 2011-2012 LTI sent teams to three key regions to help start the program in 18 new churches! LTI’s El Salvador Director, Carlos Hernandez, brought a team of six experienced Mobile Advanced Trainers (MATs) to the Dominican Republic and certified instructors in all 18 churches! The effort helped the Dominican Republic churches train hundreds of leaders!

DR-2011-training DR instructors

El Salvador Pastor Certifying
Dominican Republic Instructors

DR-2011-managing small groups

Learning to Manage
Small Groups











2016-2017 – Multiplying Trainers


DR-2016-Terry teaching MAT Trainers

Terry Training MATs in the Dominican Republic

The AoG in the Dominican Republic were anxious to keep expanding the LTI program, so LTI’s International Managers, Terry and Lianne Nutter, spearheaded the effort to conduct advanced training so the key leaders in the Dominican Republic could start their own training sites without needing others to come do the startup event for them.

LTI held a major event to train Mobile Advanced Trainers (MATs) in November 2016. Roughly 24 leaders were trained as MAT Trainers.

These MAT Trainers were taught the LTI instructional principles, how to manage or pace through the curriculum, and how to implement the five key training measurements. Most critically, they were taught how to certify new instructors and how to start the program in new churches.

DR-2017-Terry teaching 6 Is

Terry Teaching the 6 I’s

DR-2017-Lianne teaching measurements

Lianne Showing How the LTI Measurements are Linked












In 2017, a team of the new Dominican Republic MAT Trainers started their first church program without any assistance from LTI! The MAT training is a success.

DR-2017-first church started

First Church Started by Dominican Republic Trainers


2017– Present and Future Growth


Terry Nutter addressed 1,500 pastors and leaders at the 2017 National Convention, stating that the Dominican Republic AoG churches can now implement the program with the new Dominican Republic MAT Trainers. Immediately almost 50 new churches signed up to implement the program.

DR-2017-Terry speaking national convention

Terry Nutter Shares at the AG National Convention

The Dominican Republic AoG denomination hopes to see hundreds of churches implement the LTI program in the next few years. They hope to have thousands of leaders trained and equipped.

Kevin Hinman and Terry Nutter met with the five key regional leaders to plan the expansion of the LTI program in each leaders region. This strategic effort commenced in early 2017 and we look forward to the results!

DR-2017-new MAT Trainers

New MAT Trainers 2017

DR-2016-K&T & Key Regional Leaders

Kevin & Terry with the Key Regional Leaders










Terry is working with the AG national office and has already been asked by the Costa Rican director to expand into Costa Rica!

DR-2017-Terry with top leaders

Terry with the Assistant Director of Education & the General Overseer of AoG in the Dominican Republic











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