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New Life Instructors & Team Leaders

New Life Instructors & Team Leaders

LTI Program Has Reached Maine!

New Life Christian Fellowship in Biddeford, Maine is starting the LTI program in 2015. This church of roughly 800 members has 50 students enrolled already. This photo shows all the instructors and team leaders who will help teach and facilitate their program over the next two years! What a great start!





Terry Nutter, Lead Trainer

Terry Nutter, Lead Trainer

Equipping the Church

Rev. Terry Nutter, LTI’s International Manager and MAT Trainer, served as the Lead Trainer for conducting the Startup Event for New Life’s Instructors, Team Leaders, and Administrators. Terry’s wife, Lianne Nutter, also served as an MAT trainer for the event.

What  a wonderful time we had together!  Here is what one person commented:“This is something I have been looking for, for years. Someone has finally compiled it in writing—a way for a layman to acquire helpful tools to help him grow in the skills needed.” Another stated, “May these teachings enable the Gospel to be shared like never before and grow up the Body of Christ to great leadership.”  We feel so honored and pleased to be part of God’s plan to equip the Church.  -Terry & Lianne Nutter


The Need for Quality Training

Pastor John Welsh

Pastor John Welsh

Pastor John Welsh is the Senior Associate Pastor at New Life Christian Fellowship. He is serving as the Site Director for the training program. John has helped recruit 50 people to go through the LTI program and he will track their progress to completion. John and New Life have also partnered with LTI to complete the Russian Translation of the LTI program and launch several training sites in Russia!! We thank God for New Life, John and their strategic vision and heart for global expansion of God’s Kingdom!

Pastor John had this to say about the LTI program,”I knew the heartbeat of Terry and Lianne for training leaders in the nations for the last 14 years. I also have a mutual desire for leadership development, and having served as a Missions Pastor, I knew the reality of the need for quality training material in the nations. I saw for myself that the LTI Program was a valuable tool in assisting leadership development in the nations and realized it could fill a missing piece to our vision of equipping those currently in leadership and those aspiring.

As a pastor, I believe it will help me to place extra needed rungs on the ladder of success, as God defines success, for those aspiring where they are to climb to where the Lord has planned for them to go. I desire for our church to grow emerging leaders in the years to come along with the LTI curriculum as an established component of our overall vision to build great men and women who love God and are changing their world.

New Life Members learning about the LTI program.

New Life Members learn the LTI program.

How it’s Done

LTI provides a detailed Startup manual to provide the guidelines and best practices for running the LTI training program. New Life’s leaders were very engaged through out the orientation and felt that they were prepared for success!

New Life will offer 10 LTI modules over 2 years, teaching them as Saturday seminars. Then 2 LTI modules will be provided as self study. This allows everyone to complete the program by only attending 5 Saturday seminars per year for 2 years!!




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The Startup Event

The Startup Event is filled with hands on practice and application to help the Instructors and Team Leaders be able to offer dynamic and practical learning as they run the LTI program! There is always high energy and lots of group interaction as people learn to become better leaders!


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