Obtaining inspiration for mentoring others

Adapted from Leading with Mentoring

Leaders are called to build others up and to help others grow. We are meant to see the potential in each other and guide each other in harnessing it. Mentoring relationships are necessary for both leaders and the people that they guide; however, mentors must begin these relationships with the right intent and vision. Before mentors can complete the investigation, initiation, impartation, imitation, and iteration stages of mentorship, they must first enter the inspiration stage.

The inspiration stage of mentorship acts as a time of internal preparation, during which the mentor focuses on obtaining the proper perspective for mentorship. First, the mentor must acknowledge the triune nature of mentoring relationships. All growth-centered relationships involve three individuals: the mentor, the mentoree, and God. Mentoring is not merely a two-way relationship between the mentor and mentoree, but a three-way relationship between God and at least two others. In all conversations, the mentor must help the mentoree to grow closer to God.

Next, the mentor must recognize that God—not the mentor—incites deep-lasting impact within the mentoree. This recognition can act as both a comfort and a warning for the mentor. On the one hand, the mentor can rest, knowing that God alone can produce change. On the other hand, the mentor must remain humble, understanding that he or she cannot take full credit for the growth of the mentoree. Mentors must view themselves as the hands and feet of the Lord. They do not produce lasting change, but the Lord can produce change through them.

Lastly, the mentor must pray and exercise discernment. Readiness for mentoring flows out of being, fullness of the spirit, and giftedness. The mentor must consult the Lord, waiting on Him for the proper timing. The mentor must also reflect inwardly, asking whether he or she has obtained the proper mindset.

This week, ponder the mindset of mentorship. Ask the Lord to align your inspiration so that He can use you to strengthen others.

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