The visionary role of the team leader

Adapted from Leading with Teams

When leading with teams of people, focus can easily drift. Each team member brings his or her own ideas, thoughts, and opinions to the table. These contributions are highly valuable, but if they are not connected, the team will not act as a unit. Instead of working jointly with one unified focus, the team works separately, travelling in different directions. For a team to work effectively, a leadership team must have a singular vision that directs the focus of their work.

 A vision occurs when God imparts a clear mental picture of a preferable future. It is thinking about what could be before it exists—seeing more, seeing before, and seeing farther than those you lead.

Team leaders must foresee possible outcomes and guide their team toward a future. Vision clarifies and communicates this future. Team leaders must cultivate the vision, centering their strategy around this focus. The leader’s vision could come in the form of a dream, a quantifiable goal, or a mission statement. Once found, this vision will direct the ideas and contributions of the leadership team. It will ensure that each member of the leadership team leads with the same mindset, goal, and focus.

This week, ask God to reveal his vision for your team. How can the different passions and personalities of your teammates contribute to one overarching goal?

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