Understanding the four leadership styles

Adapted from The Leader’s Potential

In our culture, we often find ourselves comparing ourselves to others. We look at our gifts and capabilities and deem them unworthy because they do not fit the mold of the leaders we admire. In the process, we ignore the strengths that we possess and disregard the diversity of leadership styles.

If we are to meet our potential as leaders, we must stop believing the misconception that all leaders are the same. There are four different kinds of leaders: directing, team building, operational, and the strategic.

The Directing Leader

The directing leader is a decisive visionary. This kind of leader excels at communicating a clear vision for organizations and organizational goals. They also know the decisions that will best align with the visions they communicate. However, they can act impulsively and be impatient for their visions to become realities.

The Team-Building Leader

This leader has an inspirational, uniting spirit. A natural people-person, this leader succeeds in uniting team-members around a common cause. Because this leader specializes in big-picture ideas, they sometimes struggle with organization and detail.

The Operational Leader

The operational leader is a systems-oriented leader. This leader excels in management and project tracking, ensuring that departments fulfill their roles in a timely fashion. Because of this leader’s project and department orientation, this leader lacks vision and shies away from conflict.

The Strategic Leader

The strategic leader is a preceptive, thorough leader. This leader specializes in detail-intensive tasks requiring high levels of organization. This leader understands how each detail and decision impacts larger-scale projects, meaning that this leader can be a slower decision-maker and less people-oriented.

As you go about your week, think about how you align with these different leadership styles. Ask the Lord to show you what kind of leader you and guide you to an understanding of the kind of leader he wants you to become.

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