Why must we serve to lead?

Adapted from The Leader’s Foundation

In our society, we see many examples of leaders, even Christian leaders, falling into shocking scandals. This often arises when leaders lack or have lost the proper foundation for their leadership activities. Our savior, Jesus Christ, established servanthood as part of the foundation for successful leadership. He stated that to excel in leadership, you must become the least. You must focus on the needs of others before the needs of yourself. But how can this foundation guard you from sin?

Jesus created this paradigm so that leaders would have the right focus and perspective, despite the pressures of a corrupt society. If leaders focus on their own needs, they will perform actions and make decisions that serve their own interests. Selfishness and sin will prey on their weaknesses, leading them down a dark, worldly path. Additionally, the people under their leadership will feel neglected, and they will not want to listen to their instructions. This disjointed focus will undermine their organizations from the top down.

However, if leaders actively focus on the needs of others, they will perform actions and make decisions that serve the interests of others. Leaders gain a broader perspective when they consciously prioritize the needs of their clients and colleagues. This perspective allows them to make decisions that fit the long-term goals of their organization rather than the short-term goals of the leaders themselves. Additionally, their coworkers and customers will feel cared for and be more likely to engage in helpful activities. This focus will benefit leaders professionally, socially, and spiritually.

Jesus knew that he had to prepare the church for leading on a global scale, and he also recognized that the men leading this mission were susceptible to temptation. By instituting this principle, Jesus ensured that these men did not succumb to selfish ambition. As Christian ministry leaders, the servant mindset protects us from our own sin natures, and it makes us more effective within our individual spheres of influence.

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